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28 May 2010 @ 12:18 pm
Stamped as Catherine of Aragon - Elizabeth Character Theme  

Please vote on the available applications & place the links here:

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Peviously Stamped As:

Original - Catherine of Aragon
Title - Baroness
Match - Henry VII
Royal House - Sudeley Castle

Name: Caitriona

Positive Traits: Honest, faithful, empathic, family-oriented, intelligent/witty
Negative Traits: Stubborn, opinionated, sarcastic, little paranoid, disorganized, aloof

What would be your position in the royal court?: Well, I doubt I'd be in charge. Also, I do not feel obliged to obey/support a law that I feel breaks a deeper moral code, so I have a feeling I'd be one of those people they keep a close eye on. Tolerated, but watched, especially given the touchy political situation.

If you could, how would you help the world?: I would give everyone some kind of faith. Without faith, there is no hope. Without hope, what is the point?

What are you the most afraid of?: Losing my family (& spiders, but hey...)

How often do other people influence your decisions?: My family and the circle of folks I trust influence me quite often. Even when I decide against their advice, I always listen - they see things differently than I do, and it helps me to get a better, more rounded point of view. Still, in the end, I make my own decisions and take responsibility for them.

Given the circumstances, how would your life end? If I have the choice? As an old woman, having lived a happy (hopefully successful, but at least happy) and full life, surrounded by family. I would love to go peacefully in my sleep.

What would your reaction be to a man who betrayed you? I might bring myself to forgive, but I would not forget. We would never be able to have a relationship again - I would never be able to trust him.

What is one promise you would make to yourself?: To quote Scarlett O'Hara - "Tomorrow is another day." Basically, I would promise myself to never lose hope - if I can just hold on, just keep trying, things will always get better.

Which of the following do you find most important?
[ 1 ] Religion
[ ] Education
[ 2 ] Family Tradition
[ ] Your Queen
[ 3 ] Your Country


ekhoesofsorceryekhoesofsorcery on June 26th, 2010 01:39 pm (UTC)